Protecting sensitive information from organizations through the development of security strategies.

About us.

Security and information management, is the set of preventive and corrective measures, allowing organizations to preserve and protect information trying to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the same organizantions.


Information security management system

We have expert and certified staff in consulting and implementation of information security management system and controls associated with this international standard. Wexler S.A.S provides the service of planning, implementation, follow-up, monitoring and ISMS Certification.

Vulnerability management

We have Web Penetration Testing Service, Ethical Hacking and vulnerabilities analysis, executed by trained certificated personal that make use of the more well-known tools in the market for this purpose, in this way it is possible to detect the level of security of information systems, internal or external of the Organizations, in order to determine the degree of access that an attacker has to computer systems that contain critical or valuable information to the Organization.

SOC “Security Operation Center”

Provision of service of design, implementation, maintenance, management and monitoring of SOC “Security Operation Center”(correlation of security events), allowing you to detect, analyze, contain, and remediate security incidents that might impact your organization.

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Technical appraisals and Due Diligence software

The firm Wexler S.A.S carries out computer and forensic, technical appraisals where the knowledge of the expert seeks to find digital evidence allowing to solve conflicts or technical differences arising from a contractual process among different companies.

Information security consulting

We study your business processes analyzing systems, processes and results that involve digital assets and your organization's sensitive information, helping you to improve and optimize your business, diagnosing the current situation and proposing continuous improvement plans.

  • Development and support of implementation of ISO 27002 practices.
  • Audit of compliance with the legal framework on information security.
  • Audit the performance of international standards.
  • Analysis and control of technological and non-technological risks.
  • Security diagnostic computer.
  • Management and recovery from security incidents.
  • Forensic investigation.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • The information security officer service.
  • Trainings

    The constant change in the business environment organizations demand a variable updating and generation of competencies for information asset most important human being conducive to improving skills in the organization. This requirement warrants the design of specific academic programs on strategic issues for each organization related to TIC.

  • Wexler S.A.S develops and delivers the highest level training , through certified instructors and services with extensive experience in their respective practices.
  • Internal auditor of the Colombian standard technique ISO 27001:2013
  • Certified training on Ethical Hacking and forensic analysis
  • Awareness and training in information security.
  • Awareness and training in information security.
  • Computer Security

    Because Internet usage is increasing, more and more companies allow their partners and suppliers access to their information systems. Therefore, it is essential to know which of the company's resources need protectionin order to control the access to the system and the rights of the users of the information system. The same procedures are applyed when you access to the company via the Internet, this is why Wexler S.A.S provides the following services:

  • • Design service, implementation, maintenance, management and monitoring of SOC \Security Operation Center\ (correlation of security events).
  • Information security management systems.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of secure networks.
  • Strategic planning of security.
  • Design, maintenance, optimization of performance and administration of databases (Oracle \/ SQL)
  • Assurance of technological platforms.
  • Let's make a diagnosis of your organization!!

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